Goals for 2018

Hey there, welcome to my blog. 


With the crazy (but wonderful) Christmas season now behind me I can focus on my goals for 2018. One of them being to post more frequently on my blog. I want to start updating with behind the scenes looks of how a small business runs: the good, the bad, and the growing pains. I watched a great webinar a couple months ago and something she said really stuck with me, “these days people really crave authenticity.” As a maker of beautiful works of art, it’s often very challenging for me to let others see my process. As a kid, when others would watch me create they would often say “what is that supposed to be?” and “that doesn’t look like it.” which often caused me to retreat into creating alone and running from critique. College was a real wake up call for me. Being surrounded in Design School with so many creatives forces you to accept criticism as a way to become better, and to strive for the best you can be. My internship with Campus Enterprises as a Graphic Designer also allowed me to grow in many ways. Working in Marketing, teamwork is necessary and encouraged. The work is fast-paced and your creations are seen as iterations and launching pads to other ideas. This taught me to be more open to receiving other people’s ideas as collaboration rather than criticism.  It also allowed me to grow in many of my other passions: graphic design, marketing, social media, photography and calligraphy! 

As I look back on how I have grown in my career, I see how God shaped me to become a small business owner, how He is continuing to shape me as a person, and an artist.

I wanted to share these things with you as an encouragement for you to allow Jesus into your hopes and dreams. He really does want the best for us and He cheers us on to achieve our goals. No dream is too big with him as your confidante.


Here are my goals for 2018:

  1.  Host a Calligraphy Workshop
  2. Get Show Ready
  3. Blog More 
  4. Hire an Associate Designer 
  5. Store Front (have ckc in stores)

A Sunday Kind of Love


"as iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another." | Proverbs 27:17

Anyone who knows me personally, knows I have an affinity with Sundays. It's not who you want to spend Friday and Saturday nights with, it's who you want to sit next to at church on Sunday morning. It's who you want to go brunch with and who you want to invite to your family functions. Sundays to me, signify a restoration of the soul, and that's a very intimate experience you want to share with people of importance. Who you choose to surround yourself with will shape you as a person. It's imperative we surround ourselves with people who are going to build us up in love and also who love us enough to guide us in the right direction. Enjoy your Sundays with your loved ones.